Secrets so that the meat is tender and not a lot


How can I make the meat tender?

Starting from the number of resep rendang padang questions on the mailing list of the recipes of the chef about it, then we collect information from various sources some of the ways to produce meat that is tender, soft, and not a lot.

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One of the challenges in processing of red meat such resep soto daging as beef and mutton is made it tender. Although we use spice to cook delicious and recipes tested, would be redundant if the flesh is hard or tough.

The most popular ways to mengempukkan with Braised beef. This is not a problem if you want to cultivate cuisine such as rendang, jerked, or stews. Because the stew will make the meat more tender, tender, seasoning and more pervasive. However, it is another story if you want to cultivate meat steaks or roasts.

Here are some tips to use professionals to make the meat tender. You can combine 1-2 ways below to get the desired results.
1. cut Meat Transverse Fibers

This way is also crucial. The technique of cut of beef that will actually make the flesh more tender when eaten.

Here's how: cut the beef must be against the grain flow. Then, cut the beef with the fiber direction against her flesh.

2. Wrap with papaya leaves

dagingdaunpepayaCara this is very commonly used. Conatins the enzyme papain, which functions as a softener strips of meat.

Here's how: squeeze-squeeze young papaya leaves to out resin, then wrap the meat evenly, let sit for approximately 30 minutes before it is cooked. This way is suitable for meat dishes such as Satay or burned steak.
3. Dip the Pineapple with grated

This is the traditional way of a powerful and fast to make the meat tender. Quoted from Mr. Budi, an owner of the restaurant is famous for its refined menus of the goats, a simple Stall.

Here's how: cut the goat meat and flush with hot water. Then dip them in the grated pineapple young water for 3-4 minutes. Please choose a pineapple that is still green. This way is suitable for meat will be cooked with sauteed vegetables or made way.
4. Rub with Kiwi

One of the fruits that can also be mengempukkan meat is a kiwi. Kiwi contains actinidin enzyme that is able to make quick meat into tender.

Here's how: thinly sliced kiwi fruit, and then put the lining above the surface of the meat for 30 minutes. For 1 kg of meat usually it takes 4 kiwi fruit so that the result is maximum.

5. Banana peels

Banana peels can make the meat more tender and savory. More remarkably, banana peels also makes the meat becomes dry and not of course does not change the taste of the meat.

Here's how: Choose from banana peels the banana is ripe. Then, wash to clean and put in a roasting pan or oven. Cook until the meat was cooked. This banana skin enhancements will make quick meat tender, chewy, and savory.
6. Soak in black tea

The content of tannin in it serve as a natural pengempuk.

Here's how: Create 1-2 cups of thick black tea, let stand to cool slightly then soak the meat (marinade) tea in water a few minutes.
7. at-at with a meat Beater

pemukuldagingTeknik soften meat can also be done with the lapping surface of meat. In this way the fibres of the meat so soft so easily severed or tender.

Here's how: Use hammer steel meat beater special-shaped box. Puku-at the meat evenly, or to the entire surface of the meat. Done on both sides of the meat so tender.

Way above you need to try and adjusted myself so that the result is to your liking. For, not necessarily the flesh too tender matches the taste or you are going to prepare and most of the above can change the flavor of the meat.

This is the secret to Cooking Squid So Tender Not & Alot

squid tips

Squid became one of the Favorites, but cook it hard-hard-easy. Because resep pancake durian it's often cooked flesh is tender and not tough, hard to chew. It is actually caused because the protein content found in the squid quickly become congested if cooked, so it needs to be cooked in the right way. Then what is the secret in order to make yea calamari can become tender? This is the secret:

calamari-tender-not-a lot

There are two options to cook calamari: very briefly and very long. Very resep pastel goreng briefly, that with enough duration 3 minutes, no less and no more. If it is already much more than that, we recommend cooking the Squid process continued up to 30 minutes, until the meat becomes tender and not tough.
After 3 minutes or 30 minutes (depends how you choose), the squid to enter immediately in cold water to keep the keempukan squid. If only drained, because the meat is still in hot conditions the cooking process will be continued and made the meat becoming tough.
Squid are cooked into a soup should cook separated process in advance of the other ingredients. After the new cooked Squid can be mixed with bumbunya.
Squid can also be put into boiling water and cooked for about 1 minute until cooked. After cooking, Squid can be mixed with bumbu-bumbunya.

Additional tips, preferably cut into pieces according to the wishes and seared with lemon juice so that the smell of amisnya missing. That is the secret so that the squid is tender and not tough, good luck and Godspeed Yes!

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