Secret Recipe: How To Make A Padded Thick & Omelet

The egg became the mainstay of the menu for breakfast, other than get it easy, cook it any faster. In addition the benefit that is in the content of eggs, many nutrients for bone, smoothen the metabolic processes of the body and many other benefits.

But, if you're curious how to make thick omelet? This is her secret!


1 egg
Salt to taste
Seasoning to taste
Vegetables and meat to taste
10 tbsp water (this is the secret!)
1 tsp cooking oil

How to manufacture:

Beat the eggs with salt and other seasonings
Pour water to taste, not too little or too much. For 1 egg can use 10 tbsp. of water.
Whisk until frothy.
Add the vegetables and meat to taste.
Heat a pan with cooking oil, after hot pour the eggs into the pan.
When has a little browned, then the egg is ready to be enjoyed.


When cooking eggs, in circumstances not too mature egg so egg pulled immature eggs down have matured, so the eggs more gently. In addition to using water, you can use water broth or milk to add to the taste of Your omelet.

It turns out the secret is on the water! If during this time you Cook eggs without water, now it's time You try this recipe and buktikkan do you make eggs just as the egg a la restaurant. Good luck and enjoy! :)
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